Container Terminal Automation: The Step by Step Approach



Jaroslaw Warzecha, Project Manager, Vahle


What is the best practice approach for automating a port's existing container yard equipment in a brownfield terminal?

There are a lot of different solutions available, yet in this paper we look into one of the most economically viable, safe and efficient methods: the step by step approach. MAIN DRIVERS A core component and the start of the step by step process in automating a terminal is the electrification of container terminals by converting diesel powered RTG's into E-RTG's which are powered by conductor rails or cable reels. Both versions have pros and cons and are dependent on yard layouts and terminal operations. This process allows terminal operators to reduce fuel and maintenance costs by up to 90%. Also, this results in reduced CO2 emissions and noise pollution, as well as helping a terminal to meet competitive emission requirements.

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