Connecting power at its safest: The evolution of mechanical couplings



M.A.T. Malmedie Antriebstechnik GmbH, Solingen, Germany


Coupling programme
Founded in 1873, Malmedie is known today as a specialist for mechanical couplings in various industries. With its invention of the roller barrel type drum-couplings in the early 1960s, Malmedie became one of the global leaders for drum-couplings in the port crane market. Today, the roller barrel type drumcoupling is a standard solution for the connection between gearbox and rope drum all over the world. Beside the roller barrel type drum-coupling, Malmedie produces gear-couplings and safety-couplings (separating torque limiters).

Increased performance and safety
With its latest model of drum couplings, the TTXs series, Malmedie has set new standards for performance and increased operational safety. Permissible torque and radial loads have been improved by approximately 10 percent compared to the former series, leading to an increased lifetime in terms of replacements and reduced sizes in terms of new constructions.


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