Cimbria Moduflex: a preferred supplier for dust-free outloading in ports



Cimbria Moduflex, Herning, Denmark


Cimbria Moduflex has supplied dust free loading chutes to ports throughout the world, not the least to protect and improve the general environment and working conditions, but also to offer the port operators and terminals a safe and efficient outloading solution, taking into account that in most cases today ports are an
integral part of the city and the surrounding landscape.

Loading chutes have been delivered as a part of complete systems supplied by companies like Bühler, Neuero, Vigan, Koch and other well known suppliers to the port industry. Furthermore, several European ports and terminals have chosen Cimbria Moduflex as their supplier of loading chutes. The references include Port of Antwerp, Belgium, Baltic Grain Terminal, Poland, Port of Kleipeda, Lithuania, Port of Fredericia, Denmark, Port of Saint Malo, France, and many more. These  customers have primarily chosen the solutions from Moduflex after careful study and comparison with other systems, due to the many benefits i.e. lower total investment costs, easy customisation, less wear, modular construction and lover maintenance costs.

Cimbria Moduflex can supply systems for port sites, which are designed for handling grain, over various granules to cement, minerals and high value chemicals and meet the differing requirements of closed discharge and open loading of road and rail tanker trucks, flat bed trucks and ships/barges.

As an example of recent supply, Cimbria Moduflex has delivered loading chutes for the German company Bräuer Aufbereitungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. Förderanlage KG in Duisburg harbour at the river delta of Rhine and Ruhr in Germany. The order was won by Moduflex’ German Partner, Agrichema, in Waldlaubersheim, Germany, and consists of a ship loading chute, a chute for warehouse loading, and a H400F loading chute for flat bed truck loading.

Both ship loading and warehouse chutes are of type VF400F with integrated filter at the chute head. They are equipped with inlet and overlapping cones in hardox, making them highly resistant against abrasive products. The chutes have a total extended length of more than 10 metres and are loading at capacities of up to 440m3 of various kinds of raw materials ranging from 0-60 mm in size. The system is able of handling up to 135,000 t/year.

After the loading process is completed, the residual deposits of each quality left in the chute after the loading is negligible, which gives the customer the ability to change from one product to another very quickly.

Through their sister organisation, Cimbria Videbæk, a project company specialising in conveyer belts and complete transfer systems for a wide range of applications, Cimbria Moduflex has also delivered a VF400F for dust free loading of copper concentrate in warehouses. The loading chute is executed in stainless steel with an integrated filter at the chute head. It has a total length of approx. 10 metres and a loading capacity of 500 t/h (about 440m3/h), with a material size ranging from 0-50mm.

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