Choosing the right grab for the right operation



Verstegen Grijpers B.V., Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


Extensive experience and worldwide deliveries
Verstegen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rope operated mechanical grabs for the dry bulk industry. Since its foundation in 1951, Verstegen has delivered over 10,000 grabs to customers in 83 countries worldwide. Leading crane manufacturers (Ardelt, Gottwald, Liebherr) equip their cranes with Verstegen grabs to guarantee the highest unloading rates.

Optimised grabs
Verstegen specialises in designing and building rope operated mechanical grabs, and continuously work to develop the most efficient and cost-effective grabs, through the use of 3D designs and FEM analyses.

Every grab is optimised for specific unloading situations and to customer specifications. The upper structure of each grab is adjusted to each specific crane it works on, and the shells of each grab are optimised for the specific bulk materials it handles.

High capacities and low dead

Achieving high unloading rates is the most important condition for a customer who handles bulk materials. Fast and efficient unloading results in operational and demurrage costs savings.

In order to obtain the highest productive capacity, a grab should have the highest possible volume without unnecessary dead weight. This is only possible with a good and well-proven design in combination with use of the best possible materials.

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