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Terminal Operators Technical Papers

In this paper, Sylvia Wong and Evan Crawford take a closer look at how automation was implemented at the highly automated…
Sylvia Wong, Senior Consultant Automation & Systems Integration; Evan Crawford, Automation & Systems Engineer, HATCH, Ontario, Canada
Port Technology is pleased to release an exclusive technical paper from the brains behind the new 'high bay' terminal planned by…
Mathias Dobner (BOXBAY), Volker Brück (SMS Group/AMOVA), Ronald van der Meer and Patrick Bol (DP World)
This end of year e-book features exclusive papers from Cyberlogitec, Containerchain, Motorola and Manzanillo International Terminal
Jake Jung-Taek Kim, Cyberlogitec; Chris Collins, Containerchain; Tim Clark, Motorola Solutions; Thomas J. Rucker, Tideworks
Digital transformation has been bringing sweeping changes across all industries. In shipping, the evolution has been progressive but slow.
Jake Jung-Taek Kim, Cyberlogitec, South Korea
Two trends have defined container shipping in the past decade. To start with, bigger and bigger ships were built at an…
Gerald Hirt, Managing Director, HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center

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