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Last March, Stephen L. Johnson, the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, stood at the Port of Houston in Texas to unv...

U.S. EPA Clean Ports Initiatives thumbnail

Kathleen Bailey, EPA Ports Sector Liaison, Washington, DC, U...

Edition: Edition 40

Green has, over the last few years, taken on a new meaning. Today when someone says the word green they are usually not talking ab...

Green no longer just means money thumbnail

J. B. Hanson, Maryland Port Administration, Baltimore, USA

Edition: Edition 40

Despite stringent precautions, accidents can happen at sea, and at times oil may be spilled. Oil has the potential to cause signif...

Sunken and submerged spilled oils thumbnail

Alun Lewis, Oil Spill Consultant, UK

Edition: Edition 41

In August 2009, the Montara wellhead platform in the Timor Sea suffered a blowout. Oil leaked continuously at the seabed for the n...

Consensus forecasting for oil spill response thumbnail

Eoin Howlett, Applied Science Associates, Rhode Island, USA

Edition: Edition 45