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Environment and Sustainability Technical Papers

A technical paper focusing on the developments of low-voltage shore connection systems at the Port of Bergen; an operation defining the…
Silvia Caballero, Business Development Director for Shore Connection Solutions; and Christian Collombet, Global Architect for Marine and Shore Connection Solutions, Schneider Electric, Grenoble, France
A new era of mega-ships means ports must respond in kind to combat massive capacities: the mega-port has thus been created
Olaf Merk, Administrator Ports and Shipping, the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, France
Kim Li-Tack, President of Busan Port Authority outlines why Busan is one of Asia's major ports and how it will reach…
Kim Li-Tack, President, Busan Port Authority, Busan, South Korea (Kim Li-Tack will become Secretary-General of the IMO on January 1, 2016)

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