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End-to-End Supply Chain Technical Papers

Employing technologies to improve the efficiency and security of gate operations has become the predominant strategy for terminal operators dealing with…
Dr Shih-Liang Chao, National Taiwan Ocean University
Edition: AI & Automation
The industry is currently facing a fundamental transformation which will profoundly change the existing business models – and that this transformation…
Lars Jensen, CEO, SeaIntelligence, Copenhagen, Denmark
Edition: AI & Automation
IMO Member States will in June 2017 begin to develop a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from the international shipping sector,…
Simon Bennett, Director Policy & External Relations, ICS
Edition: AI & Automation
The search for contraband, threats, and fraud in cargo containers is akin to searching for needles in an ever growing field…
Dr Nicolas Jaccard, and Thomas Rogers, Visulytix,
Edition: AI & Automation
Ports have been precursors in automated processes, but could ports also lead the debate on such innovative policy responses to automation?
Olaf Merk, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development…
Edition: AI & Automation

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