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Automation and Optimization Technical Papers

The digital ideas and visions are not new. New is their level of maturity. There has been an overwhelming amount of…
Wolfgang Lehmacher, Thought Leader & Advisor, Hong Kong
With automation being broadly implemented, this article provides a foreseen perspective about some of the key technology components the marketplace offers…
Dr Oscar Pernia, Director of Automation & Process Engineering, Terminal Investment Limited
The opportunities and challenges of autonomous vehicles in passenger and freight traffic have become a major issue in the discussions about…
Claudia Bosse, Senior Scientist and Ralf Fiedler, Group Leader, Ports and Transport Markets at Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services (CML)
The transition to automation has been a steep learning curve and port operators, analysts and executives have begun to understand the…
Dr Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder, TBA
Improvements in equipment reliability and new technologies are persuading terminal operators from all regions of the world to invest in automation.
Johannes Leholm, Automation Architect, Navis

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