Cartagena Container Terminal: A ‘Tailor-made’ Home Terminal



Enrique Piqueras, Managing Director, APM Terminals Cartagena — Cartagena Container Terminal Operator (CCTO), Cartagena, Colombia


Strategically located at the entry point to the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Cartagena Bay is home to one of the main port systems in Colombia. This is why reinforcing logistics services and upgrading infrastructure are the main goals for APM Terminals (APMT) and COMPAS in the Cartagena Container Terminal Operator (CCTO) joint venture, created in January, 2016. Investments of US$200 million will be made over the next three years for upgrading and expanding the facility to benefit Colombian shippers.

 APM Terminals Cartagena already has an ongoing business with an annual capacity of 250,000 TEU and 900,000 tons of general cargo. The terminal has currently 11.5 metres of draft, 20 operational hectares, three Mobile Harbor Cranes (MHC) and 17,000 square metres of warehouses. It provides services through its international logistics depot, offering on-dock customs inspection, on-dock depots (M&R, PTI) and 110 reefer plugs.
Modernization plans have recently moved towards the twin goals of increasing capacity and reaching world class productivity levels. This has involved moving from operation with only MHCs to operation with Ship-to-Ship (STS) and Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes, while keeping the MHC for more flexibility.

As part of the modernization plan, the quay will be reinforced and extended 110 metres, the access channel will be dredged, there will be land reclamation and repaving to increase the storage capacity of the terminal and the gates will receive a major improvement with a new design, OCR-enabled automation, and improved external road access.

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