Capturing the critical events at the port and vessel interface



Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure, Dubai, UAE


The maritime supply chain is a complex infrastructure, with several autonomous stakeholders operating in close cooperation. As a result, any inefficiencies have the potential to disrupt operations further down the line.

Of the multiple links at today’s modern port, a few are of particular importance in terms of the adoption of smart technologies to advance operations. One of these is the port and vessel interface, which connects land and sea, dictating throughput throughout the entire supply chain. The industry has long discussed the concept of capturing the critical events at the port and vessel interface and the potential for port owners and operators to utilize real-time data to improve long-term operational efficiency and critical decision-making. However, this vision is now a reality with many ports and terminals already realizing the benefits of an eco-system of integrated, intelligent assets throughout the supply chain that turns operational data into actionable insights to drive operational efficiencies for all parties at the interface.  

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