By rail or water: the flexible range of cranes from Figee



Figee Crane Services B.V., Zaandam, The Netherlands


Over the years, Figee Crane Services B.V. has built up extended experience and has earned a good reputation as a qualified supplier of harbour cranes. The company is specialises in railmounted and floating cranes, and is one of the best-known manufacturers of this equipment worldwide. The company’s portfolio of new-build cranes consists of:

  • Floating cranes, including the unique Figee ‘Lemniscate’ floating crane
  • Single- and double-boom cranes for bulk-handling and general cargo
  • Gantry grab cranes, ship-to-shore container gantry cranes and rail-mounted gantry cranes

Figee Crane Services’ range of Lemniscate floating grab cranes is one example of the company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of advanced floating grab cranes. Both robust and reliable, Figee Lemniscate cranes mounted on pontoons provide fast independent operations, achieving transhipment capacities of up to 25,000 tons per day. Loading and unloading can be performed on-stream as well as at sea, offering flexibility, reliability and progressive performance. The cranes can handle both ship-toship and ship-to-shore operations swiftly and efficiently.

Single-boom crane
Port throughput is as varied as the worlds’ trades and cultures, but wherever cargo is being handled, speed, efficiency and reliability are essential. Multi-purpose terminals will benefit most from a multi-purpose single-boom-type crane, but the cranes are effective even if used for just hook, spreader or grab duty. Capacities range from 10 to 100 tons, with outreaches from 20 to 50 meters and more. Rail span and wheel configuration can also be adapted to existing quay facilities.

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