Busan New Container Terminal: Growing Smartly



Peter Slootweg, Chief Commercial Officer, BNCT, Busan, Korea


With its first expansion completed in June of this year, Busan’s newest terminal has room to grow again before reaching its full 3.5+ million TEU capacity.  With a 1.8 million TEU annual volume, Busan New Container Terminal (BNCT) still has decisions to make regarding the optimisation of its equipment, processes and design to accommodate the rapid container shipping industry changes directly impacting Busan Port.   

In fact, BNCT’s terminal design and its phased approach to realising its full capacity are deliberate mechanisms to ensure optimisation of capital investment which, in turn, mandates improvement to the design of the terminal itself and enables BNCT to maximize its main advantages of speed and flexibility along the way. 

Industry change

Ideally located as the North East Asian transshipment hub and designed to accommodate future growth, Busan New Port is seeing the full effects of container industry vessel and call size growth as well as further customer consolidation. With all other existing terminals operating close to their full capacity, and no new terminals planned to become operational in Busan Port until 2020, BNCT has a big responsibility to keep up with the industries requirements in this market. 

Vessel size is rapidly increasingly in Busan’s New Port and is expected to continue for several…

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