The Best New Technology in Unloading Hoppers



Maurice Moroney, Marketing and Business Development Manager, DOCKSOLID and Buttimer Engineering


The trend in recent years has seen a significant increase in the use of hoppers for unloading at ports, due to both increased regulation and desire for higher efficiency and throughput. This does mean that port operators are looking for a variety of solutions, as different materials require different levels of dust suppression, and port managers need to balance requirements where the highest performance is necessary, offering max dust suppression and throughput, with solutions which can quickly, easily and efficiently be moved from one task to another and do not require high performance dust suppression.

The onus is then on equipment suppliers to address these varying needs. In balancing technology, usability and cost, it quickly becomes evident that no single solution can address all needs. As a result, a broad portfolio of solutions is required, ranging from top of the line models which offer maximum dust suppression and performance, all the way to …….

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