Ausenco: Bulk Terminals Need Evolution



Joel Shirriff, P.Eng., Global Practice Lead: Terminals and Transportation, Ausenco


The evolving global economy is driving a continuous shift in geographic supply and demand expectations for raw materials. Bulk terminal operations need to be prepared to adjust to fluctuating market trends and demands for certain commodities.

This includes adapting existing infrastructure to handle new cargo, as well as adopting new technologies to remain competitive with the cargo they are currently handling. The intent of this paper is to explore some of the more recent trends facing the industry, and the challenges they present.

For some time now, the world has seen a growing demand for fertilizer products in emerging markets to help feed an increasing population. This includes direct application products as well as the movement of raw materials like potash, phosphates, and urea for local fertilizer manufacturing.

This has created challenges in countries…

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