Bringing Training To The Terminal Industry



Dr Yvo A. Saanen, Managing Director and Founder, TBA



Since 2008, we have been training staff of maritime terminals, ranging from truck drivers, dispatchers, and planners, to shift managers and terminal management. A large portfolio of different types of training has been developed, to suit the needs of the market.

Throughout the training suite, one element is profound: ‘the learning by doing’ factor, using advanced technology to create a ‘near-to-live’ training environment. In practice it means that trainees will be facing very realistic training circumstances, solving typical operational problems as they would occur during regular operations.

One of the findings though was the need for (1) regular rehearsal, in order to enable the trainees to bring the training material into practice, and (2) testing capabilities, enabling the terminal management to verify the capacities of their staff, and make sure that the right people are deployed in the right positions. One clear indication comes from our vessel planning practice.

We have applied this training module in more than 20 terminals, across over 250 vessel planners. We found that:

• The training improved their planning skills by an average of 35%, measured in achieved vessel productivity

• The difference between best and worst planner – again measured in achieve vessel productivity – was as high as70%.

• The best planners have up to 50%better planning results than the average.

• The worst planners have upto30%worse results than the average.• When we returned to the terminal, not in all cases, the recommended best practices were in place…

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