Bringing Crane Operations Down to Earth



Fredrik Johanson, ABB Crane Systems, Västerås, Sweden


Remotely controlled STS cranes increase efficiency, improve working environments and boost productivity

The remote controlled Ship to Shore (STS) cranes are making a major breakthrough in container terminals. Recently two terminal operators decided to adopt remote control of STS cranes with the help of ABB Crane Systems’ technology.

The first step towards remotely controlling cranes was the introduction of remotely controlled stacking cranes. Since then, the technology has been further developed to enable the remote control of STS cranes as well. Thanks to the close cooperation between ABB Crane Systems and Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama, the technology can now be used on a wider scale. In Panama, the first remotely controlled STS crane is already in commercial operation.

The introduction of remotely controlled STS cranes in container terminals is not only expected to bring remarkable improvements in productivity, but also provide the crane operators with a more comfortable, ergonomic working environment thus allowing them to improve their performance…

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