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Boosting TOS Productivity and Safer Operations Through Process Automation

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Author(s): Iván Deosdad, Director of Projects, CSP Spain; Fernando Martí-Belda, Integration Lead, CSP Spain; and Miguel Montesinos, CEO, Prodevelop

Deploying a new Terminal Operating System (TOS) at a terminal is a project that completely shakes up an organization. It impacts the whole terminal, implying huge challenges and unforeseen problems to overcome.

But it is also an opportunity to introduce changes in the existing work procedures, to apply new automation methods and to provide new tools for decision making that will all lead to efficiency improvement and safer systems.

For a manual-operated terminal, automating Container Handling Equipment (CHE) management is not the only way to get productivity improvements.

Featured in the Edition:

Automation Innovations

PTI Edition 98 • Digital Only
In this edition of the e-Journal CSP Spain and Prodevelop explore how to successfully deploy a new TOS and we also explore how best to automate the transportation of containers by rail and beyond the port

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