Booming bulk business in the USA



Booming bulk business in the USA Van Aalst Bulk Handling BV, Boskoop, The Netherlands


Despite predictions that cement imports in the US would slow down, the opposite is in fact happening. Van Aalst Bulk Handling B.V. has received orders for ship-unloaders in the US which are able to increase bulk imports there to five million tonnes a year.

One unit has already been delivered in October of this year (Figure 1).

This unloader can unload ships of 45,000 dwt with an unloading rate of 600 tonnes per hour. The distance to the dome storage is 330 metres. Van Aalst did not only deliver the ship-unloader for this new terminal but also took care of the dome reclaim installation (Figure 2).

The dome is equipped with a 100 per cent fluidised floor. This floor ensures that more than 96 per cent of stored cement can be reclaimed and none of it piles up between aeration ducts, like it does in other reclaim systems.

The convey unit, which transports the …..

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