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Automatic Upgrades: Accommodating Mega-Ships

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Author(s): Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg Marine Systems, Dubai, UAE, and; Francisco Esteban Lefler, Chairman of MarCom, PIANC, Madrid, Spain

Trelleborg’s brand new Barometer Report found that 29% of those surveyed feel the industry is lagging behind when it comes to implementing upgrades to port infrastructure to accommodate increasing vessel sizes.

Trelleborg (TMS) has surveyed the marine industry for its annual Barometer Report since 2010 to examine challenges, opportunities and key issues that the industry is facing, and how they evolve year to year. This year, the report takes a look back over the last five years since 2010 to see how attitudes to investment, maintenance and quality have changed over time.

The report, which calls on the views and experiences of 200 port owners, operators, contractors and consultants revealed that over half (54%) of the respondents did not think port infrastructure is adequate to keep up with the onwards logistics requirements of increased vessel sizes and their capacities.

This paper aims to ascertain whether upgrades to port infrastructure are being implemented quickly enough, and how existing technologies can be used more effectively to realise efficiency improvements…

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The Mega-Terminals Edition

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