Automated Reefer Monitoring at CTSP



Maxim Maximov, Sales Director, Solvo, St Petersburg, Russia


In the spring of 2014, Container Terminal Saint Petersburg (CTSP) launched its automatic reefer monitoring system. This consists of equipment and software from Emerson Refcon, integrated with Solvo.TOS container terminal operating system. Solvo, the leading Russian systems integrator in the field of logistics, has successfully completed the given turnkey project in tandem with partner Emerson Climate Technologies – Transport Solution.

Automated management of the reefer yard

Management of the reefer yard is the basic function of all state-of-the-art terminal operating systems. The given functionality can be included in the basic version of the system or can be realised in the form of a separate add-on module. In any case, it must automate at least three main processes which distinguish the reefer container storage zone from the other zones at the container terminal – connecting reefers to the power supply, disconnecting reefers and carrying out scheduled container monitoring. Information about the required temperature for the reefer container is sentfrom the management system based on documents (bills of lading, waybills, truck visit requests), which are automatically loaded via the electronic data interchange module Solvo…

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