ALP and ALS: the automatic lashing platform and system



KALP GmbH, Böel, Germany


Today leading terminal operators aim to achieve a fully automated container handling process. Modern automated or partially automated terminals attain better levels of safety at work by replacing stevedores who work under suspended loads on the heavily trafficked lanes of the horizontal transport. The decision for automation is the next step towards simultaneously improving planning and security, and reducing human resources.

Secure planning

Stevedores still work under dangerous conditions in order to remove and fix twistlocks manually while loading and discharging containers. Only a fully automated process can provide optimum efficiency and safety in container handling. The weak spot in this process can be seen between STS cranes and the horizontal transport. An automatic lashing platform closes this gap. KALP GmbH has developed a fast and reliable system that can fix and remove twistlocks, and furthermore stores the various types of twistlock currently available in internal stacks in a fully automatic process.

Development objectives

KALP GmbH has been seeking to break new ground with the development of an automatic lashing platform (ALP) since 2006, which can be considered a key technology in automated container handling. The integral aim of this system is to remove stevedores from hazardous work areas, in order to meet the extreme requirements of container handling and increase efficiency.


During container handling, stevedores mainly work in the blind spot of crane and straddle carrier drivers, since they have to step between and under suspended containers to access the twistlocks. The ALP is designed to eliminate the high risk of human injuries, especially with respect to multi-box lifting, making the entire process safe.

The missing link in the automation chain

The automatic lashing platform (ALP) is available in three different versions:

An independent hydraulic system with integrated energy recovery.

An electrically driven system.

A system without energy recovery.

Implementing the ALP as a standalone unit on the ground at container terminals ensures reliable automatic twistlock handling, and thus enables smooth operation of horizontal transport. The ALP stores twistlocks in integrated magazines during the discharge operation, and removes twistlocks during load operation.

ALP System (ALS)

A system designed to be installed and operated directly on STS cranes in pre-installed lashing platforms with the same twistlock technology features as the ALP. The ALS is integrated in a significantly small frame, and can be operated electrically or electro-hydraulically according to customer requirements.

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