Algeciras Next-Gen Port: The Smart Future



Francisco de los Santos and Jesús Medina, Algeciras Port Authority; Enrique Martín, Algeciras Port Innovation Office Manager; Dr Oscar Pernía, TiL


Nowadays, due to lack of visibility, reliability and efficient coordination among all players involved, ports could be seen as “Black Holes”, leading to mistrust, wasted resources and end customer’s dissatisfaction with the service users get from ports. The Port of Algeciras has realized this.

Where competitiveness and the quality of service is increasingly demanding, the focus must be on serving the broader logistics chain. Hence, Algeciras Next Generation Port is conceived fundamentally at the integration between business, technology and systematic innovation.

Industry trends like just-in-time operations and e-commerce are pushing towards a big transformation of the port and shipping business. Ports are very complicated ecosystems with many stakeholders who need to work together to enable an efficient cargo flow through global logistic chains. From our point of view, the main challenges ports face are the efficient coordination of all operational processes and the simplification of documentation flows…

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