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Anders Lindh, Training & Area Sales Manager, Sweden


Since 2005, ABB has been heavily involved in the simulator business. The primary reason that ABB chose to develop a simulator was that customers realised that training new operators was both difficult and costly and they often complained over lack of training time. Today’s organisations are much more streamlined than before and equipment is extremely expensive. And what company wants to risk training newcomers in machinery worth millions of dollars? These factors have led ABB to setting the goal of developing a product that will meet the highest possible standards.

State-of-the-art training package

The ABB ‘simulator project’ began with researching the simulator world. There were several suppliers, but none that were in the actual crane business. ABB decided that the simulator had to be built upon ABB’s own software and hardware. This would also enable research and development in the crane department. ABB also came to the conclusion that the product must be more than just a simulator, as the teaching method was just as important as the equipment. The ABB Crane Driver Training
Package contains a ‘full scale’ simulator, adapted to a specific crane (if desired), and includes correct environments as well as course curriculum for both operators and instructors.

The ABB simulator was first shown at TOC 2005 Europe in Antwerp, and later the same year released as a product at TOC 2005 Americas in Savannah, Georgia. From the very start it was a huge success, judging by the amount of customer interest shown. The reason for the positive response was that ABB, a leading company in supplying the port-/crane industry with electrical systems, was now the only company to also support their customers with an entirely new form of training. ABB,
together with Swedish software company (Oryx) and skilled crane instructors (Port of Göteborg), had managed to develop a complete training package. The RTG application has been available since late 2007, and as of Q1 2008, a Dual Hoist. Double trolley application is also available.

ABB Crane Driver Training Package

ABB has combined the general benefits of simulators, such as cost efficiency, availability, safe driving, and fast ROI…

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