A New Maritime Operating System



Richard Hepworth, President, Trelleborg’s Marine Systems Operation, Dubai, UAE


When Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference drew to a close in April, 2017 two key discussion themes that had emerged from many presenters and delegates were disruption and collaboration: Disruption to business models and collaboration between stakeholders across the supply chain. 

Both are seen to be critical in keeping the marine industry moving forward. This paper discusses how advanced we are on that journey, and whether it’s even the marine industry we’re operating within.

Just over a year ago in mid-2016, I contributed a technical paper for Port Technology that referenced a conversation I’d had with Gerd Leonhard, a renowned ‘Futurist’ who offered some very interesting insights into the future of the marine industry.

Back then, Gerd predicted a number of things for the sector. Among them, he talked about the need for ‘hyper-collaboration’ – built on the idea that different stakeholders have different strengths – making partnerships throughout the supply chain and across industries profitable and indeed, necessary to survival.


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