42km of Connected Complexity: Operating in the Digital Future



Vincent Campfens, Business Consultant, Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands


Rotterdam is a port of pioneers. In Rotterdam, we are continuously searching for answers as to how we can do things better or smarter. This paper describes how Rotterdam is aiming to be the smartest port in the world, explaining some of its vision and activities in relation to digital technology. But what exactly is a smart port? 

Being a smart port is much more than merely introducing awesome new technology into a port to make it safer, more efficient and more sustainable. It is also about looking further ahead in time, making strategic choices to ensure that the port still exists in the future, whilst responding to changes in climate, politics, technology, industries and cargo flows.

One of our recent strategic choices is a targeted commitment to digital innovation. This will allow us to take optimal advantage of new technologies presented by digitisation: advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain…

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