Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

2-3 October 2018, Rotterdam

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker

How many times have you heard that collaboration is the answer? That the world is changing and we need to change too? That we need a ‘chain’ of interacting actors to link logistics?

Then think how many times have you heard real, penetrating conversations on how we’re going to do the above?

We believe it is time to create our own answers for the industry.

You can see that smart ports are engaging in incredibly modern practices that are drawing in the wider supply chain and digital innovation, yet we need to begin talking with each other to create a standard for tomorrow today.

In Rotterdam, Europe’s premier port city, replete with mega-terminals and dynamic start-ups, we are going to bring the supply chain together.

By featuring the world’s top tech analysts, futurists, consultants, and supply chain executives, we want to stride into the unknown and chart new territory.

In this world, you’re either a disruptor, or you’re disrupted. So, make sure you’re on the right side of history.

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Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

‘Smart’ Port Vision – The Rotterdam Story

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Port Digitisation

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

The Smart Supply Chain

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Collaboration & Standardization

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Blockchain & Data Sharing

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Smart Global Trading

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Smarter Port Terminals

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Terminal KPIs

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Smart Terminal Solutions

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Prioritizing the End User

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Evolving Business Models

Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies

Which Future Business Model for Success?

Previous Events

Container Terminal Automation Conference

Automated Intelligence & AI

March 14 – 15, 2018, London, UK

AI is here. Long has technology threatened to overtake human capability, yet never before have we been challenged with the real ramifications of this. The changes it will make are massive and the potential huge.

Building on the framework of the previous PTI events, we are now taking a major step forward and exploring AI Automation.

AI moves so fast it is difficult to get a grip on the changes that are already occurring in the supply chain.

Therefore the PTI conference brought together the top futurists, analysts and engineers in AI Automation and uncovered the secrets of AI Automation, exploring the latest cutting-edge operations along the supply chain, address the human cost and how that can be leveraged, envision what lays in store for humanity and physical trade, and ensure optimum cybersecurity practices are discovered.

Port Technology Container Terminal Automation Conference

Beyond Moves Per Hour & The Future of Containerization

19 - 20 April 2017, London, UK

The Container Terminal Automation Conference 2017 brought together thought leaders in the automation and training sectors of the port industry to discuss best practices with regards to cutting-edge automation solutions.

The event looked at the need for terminal automation to remain efficient, safe and productive. The format was ‘Question Time’ inspired, allowing attendees to directly ask questions and steer the sessions in a topical direction.

The key themes included; Simulation, E-Learning, Gamification, Process Automation, Automated Decision Making and Robotisation.

Terminal Automation & Training

The C-Level Networking Conference

8th June 2016, Grange City, London

Launched in 2016, the inaugural one day Container Terminal Automation Conference brought together industry leading CEO’s and speakers to discuss terminal automation and the implications this has on port staff training.

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