Legislative change and infrastructure investment key for shoreside power

Legally requiring vessels to be built for shoreside power has driven compliance numbers, but port operators must also invest to continue the growth in green power, a sustainability expert has told PTI. Christopher Cannon, Director of Environmental Management at the Port of Los Angeles, said the requirement for all vessels to be built to Alternative […]

Gothenburg Port Authority launches shoreside network

Gothenburg Port Authority launches shoreside power network

The Gothenburg Port Authority has launched a new shoreside power system to cut the emissions of ships at port and said vessels will be able to connect within a few weeks. In a statement, the Port said the network has the potential to cut carbon emission by 50 tonnes a year. By connecting ships at […]

APM Terminals lays out roadmap for onshore power

One of the world’s largest terminal operators is strategising its future investments for onshore power for its global facilities. Onshore power has been ticketed as one of the key solutions ports and terminals can invest in to reduce their carbon footprint. By plugging into a landside power connection, incoming vessels can reduce emissions, noise, cost, […]

What is onshore power?

An Onshore Power Supply (OPS) can be known as Shore Power, Shoreside Electricity (SSE), Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), High-Voltage Shore Connection (HSCV), or Cold Ironing. OPS is a rapidly growing weapon in a port’s arsenal to combat emissions. In June 2021, European ports including Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Haropa Port and Rotterdam signed a Memorandum of […]

New fleet of LNG-powered prime movers begin operations at PSA Singapore

A new fleet of 80 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) prime movers have begun operations at PSA Singapore’s Pasir Panjang Terminal. The prime movers have a tank capacity of around 130kg – meaning each machine can operate for more than 20 hours before refuelling. Despite some in industry questioning the viability of LNG’s future in maritime, […]