PTI Exclusive: TBA on Semi-Automated Ports

  18 Jan 2019    News

According to Dr. Yvo Saanen, Owner of TBA Group, ports and terminals pursuing automation can deploy a whole host of technologies to boost the efficiency of their operations

NEW PAPER: How ‘Smart’ is the New ‘Small’

  17 Jan 2019    News

A new and exclusive paper from end-to-end solution provider CyberLogitec outlines a vision for the future of the port and terminal sector, charting the digital transformation witnessed in recent times

42km of Connected Complexity: Operating in the Digital Future

  Edition 80 - Ports of the Future    E-Technical Papers

This paper describes how Rotterdam is aiming to be the smartest port in the world, explaining some of its vision and activities in relation to digital technology. But what exactly is a smart port?

Securing Future Ports with Multi-Level Cyber Security

  Edition 75 - Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals    E-Technical Papers

With about 90% of world trade carried by the international shipping industry. Ports are vital to the flow of commodities and capital worldwide. Terrorism that interrupts the flow of goods may have a severe effect on the global economy.

Are TOS Systems Efficient Enough for SMTs?

  Edition 73 - The Automation, Training & Simulation Issue    E-Technical Papers

SMT's show strong willingness to change and improve, but they need to do so with little investment, and limited impact. Not only do they need pre-configured software, but they also need a provider who comes with expertise in terminal management to help spot areas for improvements, and to implement them rapidly.

Whitepaper: Automation Fails, but can Win Big

  Edition Online    E-Technical Papers

Daniel Reiss, President of Automated Terminal Systems, and Dr Joseph H. Discenza have composed a joint whitepaper exploring how automation “does not deliver on its promises” yet, if it follows the correct formula, can

How to Navigate the Dry Bulk Market

  Edition 69 - The Mega-Ship Issue    E-Technical Papers

The barometer on the state of health of the dry bulk market is usually reflected in the performance of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which is based on a composite of the Capesize, Panamax, Handy-size and Supramax indices. The outlook, based on its past performance, is bleak at the moment

Whitepaper: Container Weighing Explained

  Edition Online    E-Technical Papers

Load measurement specialist Strainstall articulate in detail all the major issues ports and terminals have to be aware of with the impending container weighing regulations in 2016

Port of Vancouver Agrees Large-Scale Extension

  21 Jan 2019    News

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has awarded a large-scale port project for the design and construction of its container terminal extension to ACS Group

MOL Rolls Out Connected Fleet Solution

  18 Jan 2019    News

Shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines has agreed to increase the roll-out of Inmarsat’s satellite-based Fleet Xpress Service across the remainder of its fleet