Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in the global market

In a highly volatile business environment, Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane (MHC) division delivered satisfactory operational performance. In 2009, deliveries amounted to 74 mobile harbour cranes, 27 per cent less than during the same period the previous year. In comparison, the total MHC market, including all manufacturers, dropped by approximately 40 per cent. As a result […]

An analysis of integrative AGV and ASC dispatching by means of simulation

In designing container terminals, the terminal management has to consider the choice for interrelated AGV and ASC dispatching rules. In this paper, we therefore examine the joint decision problem of dispatching containers to AGVs and selecting ASCs. Savings of approximately 20 per cent in the number of AGVs are achievable, if we apply the nearest-AGVfirst […]

Heading towards transparency: creating supply chain visibility to improve container transport

Nowadays, container transport is facing several challenges. To mention only a few, these include the strong growth in container transport volume, bottlenecks in hinterland connections, complex logistics chains consisting of many actors, information gaps, as well as new security regulations. These exercises have to be managed both by industry and administration. The main factors in […]

Simulation modeling helps oil producer plan for the future

Introduction The results of simulation modeling have been applied successfully for over a decade to help petroleum companies meet their long-term strategic production goals. Simulation modeling has been used to optimize storage, pipelines, and the export facilities required to accommodate additional production capacity; to plan capital projects in anticipation of demand; and to evaluate the […]

Increased STS productivity with dual hoist automation

Automation can increase the overall productivity of a quay crane and raise almost all drivers to a high production level. For dual hoist cranes, this is even more true. The theoretical advantage of a dual hoist crane over a single hoist crane is substantial, but in everyday operation those fantastic numbers have been difficult to […]