Container handling alternatives: the benefits of sidelifters

There has been much discussion about the place in the industry for sidelifters. Why have sidelifters seen huge success and are in extensive use in some regions whilst still not even heard of elsewhere? Apart from the obvious benefits of the sidelifter service to shippers, packing containers safely at ground level, there are also many […]

LASSTEC presents the smart twistlock load sensing system

LASSTEC technology is the first to measure the load “where it really happens,” which is directly in the twistlock of the spreader. A specially designed sensor is inserted into the centre line of the twistlock, which measures the elongation of the twistlock shaft when under load. The load data is sent into the crane PLC […]

Unloading dusty bulk cargoes in environmentally sensitive areas using dockside mobile loaders (DMLs)

Ports are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and the running costs associated with dust emissions for handling loose bulk solids, at ever-greater throughputs. EPA legislation is playing an ever-increasing part in the design process for handling systems in North American and European ports. Apart from polluting the environment and contravening legislation, dust problems have adverse […]

Bringing Land and Sea Together: 3D model of port will aid navigation and safety

A transnational cooperation involving six countries in the North Sea region is conducting an evaluation of the use of 3D visualisation in navigational displays. The Bringing Land and Sea Together (BLAST) project seeks to provide new and innovative solutions for the harmonisation and integration of land and sea data. It is divided into four different […]

Assessing U.S. practices for waterfront steel sheet pile walls

Introduction Hot-rolled steel sheet piling (or steel sheet piling) has a long history of successful use in a wide variety of both permanent and temporary structures, including coastal and inland port facilities. In the United States, unlike structural steel and reinforced concrete, no national design codes cover steel sheet piling design. The U.S. Army Corps […]