Facts to Consider When Developing a New Port

Continuous and increased demand for energy, development and construction translates into huge demand for bulk commodities of raw materials, food stuff, fertilizers and finished products. This trend has created an unprecedented demand for shipping transport and, consequently, for port services and related infrastructure at local, regional and global level. In a bid to reduce the […]

Dealing with delays: Part 2

The abstract is provided once again as refresher; part 2 continues with a highlight of three case histories, a listing of guidance on the implementation aspects of the Habitats Directive and on the good practices for ports. Abstract The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) and the European Dredging Association (EuDA) have each assessed within their […]

The Effects of Containership Growth on Tugs and Piloting

During the last ten years the steady growth in trade has generated many headlines and the corresponding increase in size of the new generation of containerships has been particularly well documented. The breathless press releases of the latest mega containership do however hide a growing problem for pilots in handling such vessels. These ships are […]

Crane drive and control systems: Part 1

The container transpor tation industr y has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last decade. More cranes are being purchased annually then ever before and crane sizes have increased dramatically. The myriad of crane types required in terms of form and function have always been evident. Thus, more efficient AC converter solutions were developed to […]