Crane drive and control systems: Part 1

The container transpor tation industr y has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last decade. More cranes are being purchased annually then ever before and crane sizes have increased dramatically. The myriad of crane types required in terms of form and function have always been evident. Thus, more efficient AC converter solutions were developed to […]

TOS case study: improving efficiency in Hamburg and South Vietnam

In June 2008, Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) successfully implemented their state-of-the-art TOPX-Advance terminal operating system solution at two major  terminals: Eurogate Hamburg Container Terminal in Germany and Saigon Newport Company (SNP) Cat Lai Container Terminal in Vietnam. Eurogate Eurogate, the German based container terminal and logistics group has successfully implemented TOPX-Advance in their Hamburg Container […]

U.S. EPA Clean Ports Initiatives

Last March, Stephen L. Johnson, the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, stood at the Port of Houston in Texas to unveil to the media tough new emissions standards for locomotive and marine diesel engines that will slash emissions and help people to breathe cleaner air near ports and elsewhere. EPA’s Clean Diesel Locomotive […]

Green no longer just means money

Green has, over the last few years, taken on a new meaning. Today when someone says the word green they are usually not talking about cash carried in a wallet, but rather the environment. The Academy Award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, helped spur on the movement to protect the environment and acknowledge global warming. […]