Experimental investigation of the efficiency of coupled –

Experimental investigation of the efficiency of coupled – and uncoupled rudder work on twin-screw twin-rudder ferry model ship in proximity of a pier in shallow water: Part 1 Introduction Twin-screw and twin-rudder are the dominant design solutions for highly-manoeuvrable ships such as ferries. Such a configuration is chosen by designers because the combination of the […]

ALWC, a false problem

ALWC should not exist, it is the result of neglecting structurally sound measures. One should not go to a doctor and take medicines for skin disease if he never takes a bath. ALWC is very simple to prevent for a quasi unlimited time. Protecting the piling in situ with a dry set device and a […]

New drives for floating grab cranes in Holland

Control Techniques’ Drive Centre in Holland has recently completed the retrofitting of four floating grab cranes. Two of the cranes are rated at 16-tonnes, retrofitted with AC Unidrive variable speed drives, and two larger 25-tonne cranes have gone for a DC solution, with Mentor II DC drives. All four cranes, situated at Amsterdam, have the […]