Intelligent stacking as way out of congested yards? Part 1

Introduction Pursuit for intensifying yard operations As container volumes keep increasing, new container terminals are being built and other terminals – in particular those that cannot easily extend their area – aim at increasing the density of the stacking yard. One way is to go for yard handling systems that can put through more containers […]

Evaluating the ECO-RTG concept

Reductions in emissions, noise and operating costs are becoming more and more important in the ports and shipping industry. The nature of the container handling business calls for high power demands, so potential savings are high as well. Rising oil prices and environmental concerns have triggered a huge demand for more economically sound and environmentally […]

EUROGATE Tanger: the gateway to Africa has Europe firmly in check

The Strait of Gibraltar is flanked by the Pillars of Hercules, which – legend has it – the Greek hero is said to have created on his way to face the giant Geryon on the island of Erytheia. Even in Antiquity, the Pillars of Hercules were deemed to be the gateway to Oceanos, the river […]