Tuxpan Port Terminal: 5G pilot offers one million IoT connections

The first automated container terminal in Mexico is embarking on a 5G network pilot at its facility – offering up to one million IoT connections to improve data share. The Tuxpan Port Terminal, based between the ports of Altamira and Veracruz, fell under SSA Marine ownership and came into operation on 4 July 2016. Since […]

World-first supply-chain LTE/5G network builds visibility amid congestion meltdown

A new private LTE/5G network dedicated to the regional supply could chain build greater inland visibility and reduce pressure on logistics in ports and terminals. The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) in August 2021 announced a partnership with QuayChain Technologies to operate what they describe as the world’s first private network to be used solely […]

UIPA to build 5G LTE supply chain network

UIPA and QuayChain Technologies unveil first private LTE/5G supply chain network

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) have announced a partnership with QuayChain Technologies to build and operate the world’s first private LTE/5G network dedicated to the supply chain. The Intelligent Crossroads Network (ICN) aims to create the foundation for a more resilient, secure and sustainable supply chain for the state of Utah. QuayChain’s solution digitizes […]

Stockholm Norvik’s methanol smart marker pilot opens up 5G potential

The use of a methanol-powered smart marker at Stockholm Norvik Port could open up the potential for 5G integration and emissions monitoring in the future. The navigational marker, equipped with a methanol fuel cell as part of the EU Intelligent Sea project, guides traffic in the fairway leading to the Swedish port. Jonas Andersson, Nautical […]

5G Telecommunication tower antenna in morning sky Evening sky

MulteFire Alliance supports maritime implementation of 5G

MulteFire Alliance’s (MFA) Uni5G Technology Blueprints set to help industries such as maritime select and implement the key features from the 3GPP 5G standards that are relevant to their specific deployment. The first Uni5G Technology Blueprint will be available in Q4 2021. “Ports are large and complex with different processes happening at the same time. […]