Growth in West Africa means private port investment opportunities

Continued world demand for raw commodities such as iron ore is fueling new dry bulk export projects in West Africa while strong economic growth in West African countries has created the demand for regional container transshipment terminals. West African iron ore export leads to new multi-commodity bulk port in Senegal The increased demand for steel, […]

X-ray cargo screening systems: the technology behind image quality

X-ray cargo screening for container security and contraband interdiction has emerged quickly and is fast becoming a common feature in ports throughout the world. While early systems were custom adaptations of industrial inspection equipment, today’s x-ray inspection systems are specially tailored for the inspection of sea containers, trucks, and rail cars within small confined areas. […]

Environmental and financial benefits of using loading spouts

Clouds of dust are created frequently when loading dry goods in bulk. These lead not only to contamination of the surroundings, but also to product loss. In urban areas they cause, with increasing frequency, complaints by residents in the surrounding areas. This results often in time-intensive discussion with residents’  organisations and environmental bodies. BGS loading […]

Quantifying the benefits of yard automation – updated

Introduction ABB, formerly ASEA, has been active in supplying cranes and equipment for over a 100 years and to this day has supplied electrical and automation equipment to more than 1,200 cranes of all types and in all parts of the world. ABB has and will supply automation and electrical scope to a number of […]

Crane orders for all working conditions

Sakhalin Island Kaliningrad based crane manufacturers Baltkran are supplying a double girder container crane with a capacity of 35t to an intermodal terminal in Kholmsk on Sakhalin Island. The span of the crane is 25m; stacking height is 2+1. The allelectric telescopic slewing spreader with its own slewing device will allow an accurate positioning and […]