Recent traffic dynamics in the European container port system

European container ports find themselves embedded in everchanging economic and logistics systems. The European container port system cannot be considered as a homogenous set of ports. It features established large ports as well as a whole series of medium-sized to smaller ports each with specific characteristics in terms of transhipment incidence, the hinterland markets served […]

Regulation of container weighing

Shipping is a global industry and with more than 90 percent of international trade being carried by sea, it is the most important element in the world’s supply chain of goods. Shipping cannot fulfil its role without clearly defined rules of play eg. through internationally agreed regulatory instruments with focus on safety of ships, seafarers […]

Salvors help keep ports clear and open

Introduction It should go without saying that shipping is the lifeblood of world trade. And while many economies face grave difficulties and the shipping sector struggles with over-capacity and poor rates, seaborne trade must, and does, continue. The infrastructure supporting shipping on approach to, and in, port is well established and well understood: the network […]