Mawani launches initiative in wake of Suez Canal crisis

Mawani launches initiative to clear congestion caused by Suez suspension

The Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) has unveiled an initiative to support international shipping lines caught up in the congestion caused by the Suez Canal blockage. In a statement, Mawani said it will extend the services of Jeddah Islamic Port for ship transfers and container offloading. Measures include an extended period of exemption from storage fees […]

Wilson Sons Docktech purchase marks major step in Brazil’s digital journey

The investment in digital twin start-up Docktech from Brazilian maritime operator Wilson Sons is a significant step in the future of digitalisation for the nation’s ports and its communities. Wilson Sons began working with Docktech, an Israeli digital solutions provider using real-time data analysis for bathymetry analysis for sea and river beds, in 2018 from […]

Supply chain needs collaboration and governance

Technology ‘not enough’, supply chain needs collaboration and governance

Supply chain stakeholders and governments must commit to utilising technology and data sharing if logistics crises such as the congestion on the US West Coast are to be avoided in the future.   The crisis, which has seen the number of container vessels call at the major gateways for US-China trade to triple, has been […]

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Top emerging technologies continue vigorous testing and development

The implementation of many technologies that could be used by ports to improve operational efficiency does not happen overnight. A rigorous process of development and testing takes place before anything can be implemented – and everything from 5G to port call optimisation to artificial intelligence (AI) is being developed across the industry. Here we highlight […]

View of STS cranes lined up at hte Port of Tanjung Pelepas

Port of Tanjung Pelepas outlines growth priorities and equipment purchases

The Port of Tanjung Pelepas will continue to be agile, adaptive and resilient against the crisis of COVID-19 and the resulting economic instability as it continues its growth journey, its CEO told PTI in a recent interview. Part of that growth is to double the TEU throughput at the port.   “With the increase demand […]