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ZPMC delivers cranes to ports in US, Spain, Egypt and Turkey

ZPMC delivers cranes to ports around the world
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Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) has announced 10 port equipment deliveries to hubs in the US, Mauritania, Spain, Egypt, Turkey and India as it continues to meet global demand.

In an online update, the China-based port equipment manufacturer said it delivered two quay cranes to the Port of South Carolina, US, on 20 August 2021, during which it faced an “unconventional girder lowering project” which was “difficult to construct”.

It was also met with the challenge of meeting local US standards and the “special construction requirements” of the Port’s customers.

The company said priority was given to “quality during various links of production, commissioning, inspection and acceptance” to optimise design and ensure smooth delivery.

It also delivered one quay crane to the Port of Valencia. The crane’s machine control system, according to ZPMC, “realises high quality and stability” and can intuitively understand the real-time working state of each brake.

Other functions, such as the ability to adjust brightness of projection lamps, help to effectively improve energy utilisation, the company claimed.

It also delivered a quay crane each to the Port of Alexandria, Egypt, and Safiport, Turkey. During the latter it had to overcome “adverse effects” of weather and local COVID-19 lockdown measures to ensure “smooth shipment”.

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