Work begins on Aberdeen Harbour redevelopment

 12 Apr 2010 04.12pm

The project is part of Aberdeen Harbour Board’s £65million development strategy, and will result in over 500 metres of new deep water berths and more than seven hectares of back-up land on the south side of the River Dee, STV reports.The three-stage project will begin with the demoiltion of the existing upstream berths. The berths will be replaced with 300 metres of realigned, deep water quays, which will be reinforced to handle heavy lifts and create more room for vessels to navigate in the River Dee. In the future it is hoped the facility could facilitate the handling of equipment for offshore renewable energy installations. Other proposed developments include using the facilty as a support base for oil and gas customers.Ken Reilly, engineering director of Aberdeen Harbour, said: “We are delighted to see work start on the redevelopment. The port is an integral part of the North-east’s infrastructure and the improvements will provide modern facilities and enhanced configuration to better suit the larger vessels using the port.

“Throughout the project we will continue to consult with our customers and wider stakeholders, ensuring there is as little impact on regular operations as possible. “As one of the busiest ports in the UK, it is essential we continue to further develop the harbour to support the requirements of the diverse range of existing and potential port users.”

The project is expected to take around 18 months to complete.

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