Wilhelmsen Unveils Safe Mooring Solution


Wilhelmsen, a provider of smart solutions for the shipping industry, has revealed that its latest rope technology will increase the safety and efficiency of vessel mooring operations.

Even with the introduction of new measures, such as establishing hazardous snap-back zones and formulating detailed mooring plans, the process of mooring still presents a high level of risk.

In order to combat the potential for fatal accidents and massive disruption, Wilhelmsen has developed a new solution that significantly reduces a mooring rope’s recoil, therefore decreasing the possibility of it snapping back.

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Wilhelmsen has described the ‘Snap Back Arrestor’ (SBA) as an energy absorbing core which sits within the company’s Timm Master 12-strand plaited, mixed polymer rope.

If the outer, load-bearing construction breaks, the SBA absorbs the snap-back forces and transforms them from a potentially deadly snap to a much safer slump.


The new Snap Back Arrestor from Wilhelmsen Ship Services (Credit: Wilhelmsen)


According to a statement, the new solution is the result of a trial and error process carried out over seven years, with 25 different variants of the system tested in over 120 different trials.

Veronika Aspelund, Business Manager, Ropes at Wilhelmsen Ships Service, said: “The Snap Back Arrestor is a massive step forward in maritime rope safety, significantly mitigating the considerable risks personnel are exposed to during mooring.

“Using the same material composition as our best-selling premium Timm Master 8 rope, Timm Master 12 SBA is buoyant, light, reliable, features anti-twist colours and offers one of the best strength-to-weigh ratios on the market.”

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