Watch: Tanker Crashes Into Cargo Ship

 07 Nov 2018 09.19am

Footage has emerged of an oil tanker, the Kinshing, colliding with a berthed cargo ship, the Setsu Maru, in Kaohsiung Harbour in Taiwan.

The collision took place on November 3 while the Kinshing was leaving port. The video from Taiwanese news channel SETN shows the tanker strike the side of the Setsu Maru.


Kinshing Tanker Credit: FleetMon


Following that, it reportedly struck another berthed vessel, this time an oil tanker called Der Yun in the port’s cargo deck area before it was berthed safely.

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Der Yun Credit: FleetMon

The Setsu Maru sustained minimal damage and was allowed to embark on its voyage to the Japanese island of Okinawa.


SETSU MARU Credit: FleetMon

CPC Corporation, the Taiwanese company that owns the Der Yun tanker, confirmed the collision. It also said there no casualties or oil spill as a result.

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