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WATCH: Cobra Discovered in Spanish Port

WATCH: Cobra Discovered in Spanish Port

A video has emerged after a one-a-half-meter long cobra was discovered in a cargo terminal at the Port of Algeciras, Spain, on January 17, 2019.

The snake was found by port workers, one of whom recorded it. According to Spanish news outlet El Pais, the discovery caused the container yard to be temporarily shut down.

Once the Spanish Civil Guard’s nature protection service captured the snake, it was taken to the local zoo and the container yard reopened.

A recent Port Technology technical paper looked at the Port of Algeciras' efforts to pioneer digital and smart technologies

Although it has not yet been confirmed, reports suggest the snake is a black-necked spitting cobra. According to El Pais, local authorities suggest it arrived in one of the container vessels from Africa that arrived in the Port of Algeciras that day.

Algeciras is one of Europe's busiest shipping hubs and in 2018 it handled 107 million tons of cargo, a 5% increase on 2017’s volume. 

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