Volvo Develops Autonomous Container-Transport Truck

 23 Nov 2017 09.45am

The Volvo Group has developed an autonomous concept truck that can transport shipping containers from one hub to another by way of semi-confined areas such as harbors and dedicated lanes on highways.

The Swedish manufacturing company's truck can run without manual supervision by combining GPS satellite navigation and Lidar — a pulsating laser that measures ranges and reads surroundings.

This allows the truck to navigate around fixed and movable obstacles while gathering data through an onboard transport system.

The technology can also optimize routes, traffic safety and fuel consumption, with cloud connectivity linking people, vehicles and logistical partners from any location.

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Volvo has been conducting research into autonomous transport solutions for several years and has revealed concept vehicles for applications in confined areas like mines and quarries.

Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO at Volvo Group, said: “Although this technology may be years away from production, it will undoubtedly influence our future offering and has the potential to develop smart societies for the future.

“No matter what type of solution we develop, safety is always our primary concern and this applies to all our self-driving projects.”

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