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Vodafone and IBM Collaborate on 5G Connectivity

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Vodafone has signed a cooperative agreement with IBM, offering businesses a new way of connecting cloud computing systems and facilitating technological innovation.

According to Reuters, the UK-based telecoms operator will pay US$550 million to IBM as part of an “eight-year managed-services agreement” which is expected to support the development of machine learning tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and super-fast 5G networks.

It is estimated that 70% of organizations are using up to 15 different cloud computing systems; if linked, it would be easier for these companies to adapt and innovate new technologies.

Paul Smits discusses how Rotterdam and IBM are building the port of the future in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The joint-venture is said to target multinationals and national enterprises operating in industries such as manufacturing and transportation, especially across Vodafone’s British, German and Irish markets.

Ireland and Britain have already allocated 5G spectrum, while Germany is preparing to “auction” frequencies for mobile technology that will enable much faster downloads than currently possible through existing networks.



It is thought that combining this technology with significant computing power will allow for the deployment of applications such as AI and computerised problem solving across multiple industrial fields.

Telecoms operators are planning to offer 5G services from 2020 to markets in Europe that have allocated the required spectrum and built out networks capable of hosting the technology.

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The Port of Hamburg is one of many European ports that have tested the operational reliability of 5G networks, as part of its plan to become a hub for next-generation industrial mobile communications.

The project was launched by Hamburg, as well as partners Deutsche Telekom and Nokia, in February 2018.

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