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Valencia breaks new container move record with MSC Gulsun call

MSC Gulsun helps Valenciaport to new container movement record
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Valenciaport has broken a new container movement record from a single ship in a single stop during the visit of the MSC Gulsun.

Valenciaport said the ship moved 9,718 TEU between 8 and 10 December, almost a thousand more TEU than during the previous record registered in August 2020 by the MSC Sixin.

Specifically, 5,149 TEU were loaded onto the MSC Gulsun and 4,569 were unloaded.

The company said the new record demonstrated the strength of its recovery from the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since August goods traffic in Valenciaport has been recovering after the initial fall at the beginning of the pandemic.

In August and October it recorded two further milestones by exceeding 500,00 TEU and in the last three months nearly one and half million TEU.

Additionally, it also claimed it shows its growing capacity to handle the largest vessels in the world. The MSC Gulsun has a capacity of just over 23,000 TEU and was the largest container ship in the world before the launch of the HMM Algeciras.

The service of the MSC Gulsun connects Valencia to China and other major markets in Asia and has helped transform the port into a strategic destination as a mixed hub that combines exports and imports with transhipment.

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