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VAHLE Upgrades Next-Gen Port Data System

VAHLE Upgrades Next-Gen Port Data System

To mark the launch of TOC Europe, VAHLE has upgraded its SMGX data communication system which allows RTG’s to utilize conductor rails as a power source.  

VAHLE developed the communication system to reap the benefits of less maintenance (due to less cable reels) and the opportunity to convert existing RTGs.

The SMGX has a telescopic arm with control cabinets, a great change when compared to a huge motor cable reel with heavy cable weight depending of the travel length, plus the transformer for middle voltage.

There is a big benefit for cable reels with regard to data communication when transmitted through the fiber optic core in the cable at a data transmission rate of 1 GBit/s.

However, the increased requirement for higher travel speeds brought the motorized cable reel to its limit.

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The conductor rails are capable for travel speeds of up to 600 m/min, and with the new product launch of the 350 Mbit/s solution, container handling gains a key advantage.

This system developed by VAHLE was dedicated to indoor applications.

Following its successful implementation with Volkswagen, Vahle decided to go one step ahead and transfer the technology to the port sector.

The wave guides itself is completely and is designed to match all ambient and boundary conditions, while the antenna is a special design to allow high bandwidth.

The system works with its multi node infrastructure in a frequency range of 5-5.8 Ghz, so VAHLE will be able to upgrade bandwidth step-by-step as required by the customers.

All components were designed to allow 20 times more bandwidth in the future.

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However, the demand for more bandwidth to transmit video data in high definition to a lot of cameras to ensure remote operation was still there, so VAHLE developed the new upgrade in 2017 with first results of 180 Mbit/s, and now even 210 Mbit/s already in use.

The latest upgrade of the newest data communication system has been launched at TOC Europe in Rotterdam, where the audience is able to see the high bandwidth live, when 4k pictures of installed cameras will be transmitted through the SMGX and shown on a screen.

Delegates can also see transmission rates.

The VAHLE team at TOC Europe preparing for the big start

The second milestone of this year’s theme of VAHLE’s booth is remote operations, where the increased demand of live video images is combined with fast response time by low latencies.

The audience is invited virtually to fly from Rotterdam to Kamen, operating the inductive charged AGV by remote control at the VAHLE booth (#F61).

The eRTG test track is equipped with the newest electrification, positioning and data communication system Trimotion which is already known in the industry.

VAHLE Group CEO Achim Dries has also invited the TOC audience to the VAHLE booth at 11am, Wednesday 13, June, to attend a live interview with Port Technology International.

The interview will cover digitalization in container handling and the future demands of the industry.

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