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V.Group Releases Next-Gen Management Platform

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V.Group, a management solutions provider for marine and offshore vessels, has announced that it is currently demonstrating its ShipSure 2.0 marine digital platform at the SMM Maritime Trade Fair in Hamburg.

ShipSure 2.0 follows the original ShipSure solution from V.Group, and will now offer ship owners the ability to gain insights from real-time asset data through a user-friendly interface.

Other features of the service include affording users the ability to obtain secure safety, operational, crewing and financial data on the move.

Yang Zhou and Xavier Bellsolà Olba discuss the importance of safety and nautical traffic in ports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The infrastructure of the platform also ensures that asset data is shared with the client and approved team members only.

Stephen MacFarlane, CIO of V.Group, said: “Digitalisation is destined to have a significant transformative effect on the marine industry.

“Even now, we are already close to a tipping point where instant access to real-time data for smart decision-making will be recognised as an absolutely essential stratagem for business survival.

“ShipSure 2.0 equips ship owners with a marine enterprise platform that accords a distinct digital advantage to each stage and every element of ship management procedures.”

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