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US Concerned with Nicaragua Scheme

Concerns have been raised by the US Embassy recently over the lack information on the US$50 billion Nicaragua Canal project.

PTI previously reported that the $50 billion canal began construction in December, 2014, and ran into problems relating to funding and the obstruction of one of the canal’s access routes.

The project, which is being led by Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Co (HKND), is reportedly not having any involvement from the Chinese government, according to Reuters.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei dismissed the accusation that the Chinese government had any connection with the project, saying: “This project is the action of the relevant company's own initiative. The Chinese government has not been involved.”

The US mission in Managua, Nicaragua said in a statement recently that all relevant project information should be revealed to the public.

The statement said: “The embassy is worried by the lack of information and transparency that has existed, and continues to exist, over many of the important aspects of this project.”

So far the opposition of the canal project has caused at least 21 injuries in clashes between police and protesters.

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